…to my temporary home.

Due to a combination of forgetting to renew my website subscription, losing my login in details, and my registered email address being hacked, I have been forced to relocate my infrequent musings until I work out how technology functions.

Various friends in various locations around the world update their blogs far more regularly than I do, so my trips to Facebook have started leading to feelings of guilt about my epic procrastination levels.

So, to a new year and a new attempt at writing regularly without the normally essential component of a news editor yelling at me and throwing things.

Unsurprisingly, as my last post was somewhere back in August while my keyboard melted in the unrelenting heat of a Qatari summer, a lot has happened since I last stopped procrastinating long enough to write anything down.

All-in-all the past few months have included:

A trip home, hitting my late 20s, visiting Sri Lanka, quitting my job, Christmas in Doha, another trip home and A LOT of paperwork while I try to wade through the quagmire of bureaucracy that is getting a job transfer in the tiny, sandy, Gulf state that has been my home for more than a year now.

Apart from the bit about me getting old, each of these might get their own post in time. As I’m still not working despite leaving Qatar Foundation before Christmas and having another offer signed and sealed, if not delivered, ‘in time’ will probably be a lot sooner than my previous upload schedule might allow you to believe.

I also want to open this whole thing up a bit more. I’m guessing the majority of people reading this are friends, family, or people who have an incredible tolerance for largely pointless streams of consciousness. Whichever category you fall in to, if you want to know anything specific about stuff going on here, get in touch and I’ll try to answer what ever it is you ask.

This might also have the added bonus of forcing me to focus on interesting things, rather than blather on about nothing.


3 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. I nearly came close to forgetting my subscription fee this year, it happens to all of us. Glad that you’ve chosen wordpress though, they kept sending me e-mails reminding me about my subscription fee (this was a good thing in the end). What’s your new job? x

    • Hello lady! You are one of the people who keeps making me feel guilty for being so remiss in my blogging. You’re enjoying some great success!
      Keeping the new job off the webs for now until I have contract and visa firmly in hand and signed by the right people, just in case! x

      • Thanks – I really love doing it, and it’s been great to develop my writing skills and it has actually really helped my PhD be a readable product (who would have thought???).
        Good idea on the job front – I’ll be doing the same myself when it comes to jobhunting after the PhD. Hope it all goes really well for you, and keep up with the blog, your style is wonderful x

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