Qatar-based reporter, editor and general dogsbody. Sheffield lass, sword-wielder, likes hats.

Actually, I should probably write something slightly more expansive than my Twitter bio.

As a small child I went through a phase of narrating my life, out loud, in the third person.

Fortunately I grew out of this before I passed the threshold of ‘cute’ and encroached on ‘creepy.’

Now a fully-fledged adult (chronologically speaking) my inner monologue is still fairly constant and occasionally gets so shouty I need to write something down.

This blog is primarily going to be about my time working in the Gulf and associated adventures through the surrounding region with the odd foray into other topics as the mood takes me.

As I said in my Welcome post, I’m guessing the majority of people reading this are friends, family, or people who have an incredible tolerance for largely pointless streams of consciousness. Whichever category you fall in to, if you want to know anything specific about stuff going on here, get in touch and I’ll try to answer what ever it is you ask.

This might also have the added bonus of forcing me to focus on interesting things, rather than blather on about nothing.

Wipe your feet on the way in, have a poke around, feel free to ask any questions that spring to mind, invite a friend or two along, but please make sure they are house trained first.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,
    I am a blogger on wordpress, and also a free-lance writer for Gulf Times (in Qatar) and currently doing an article on bloggers in Qatar. If you are based in Qatar/ lived here for a while (I guess you have), I will appreciate if you can contribute to this article by answering a few simple questions.
    Please revert, in case you are interested.

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